Every golfer who plays this great game should ask themselves three basic questions:  1. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO?  2. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT?  3.  CAN YOU DO IT?  To help you to answer these questions; I believe all golfers should do a Benchmark Video of their personal biomechanical motions to help them develope a lesson and practice strategy.  What good is practicing if you are practicing the wrong motions related to your personal biomechanical movement and balance positions.

I utilize two extremely slow motion Casio Cameras to capture your swing. My software program allows you to view your swing in many various speeds as well as your posture control, swing circle center control, radius control, release timing, plane of swing, impact, pivot point balance sequence and ball trajectory direction. 

I would welcome the opportunity to do a Benchmark Video for you so, you can establish a solid game improvement strategy.  This Benchmark Video will show you exactly what you should be practicing and exercising to achieve more consistency, lower scores and less frustration playing this wonderful game of Golf.

Golf can be deceptively difficult, tantalizing and downright frustrating if your body doesn't move and rotate in a sound biomechanical balance.  After all, you are asking your body to swing and move the golf club head somewhere between 30 to 100 miles an hour in 1.2 seconds and asking that club head to contact a 1.68 inch diameter ball-----WOW what a task!  The golf club follows your body so, you need to know what your body is doing to determine what to practice assuming you want to hit the ball long and straight more than one time in a row.  Doing a Benchmark Video may very well be the best golf investment you will ever make.    Call today!