You have a perfect grip, your stance is correct, your posture is balanced, you look great but you're not moving.  When you're still, you're in a "Static" state and will never hit a ball (photo 2 from left above). In a "Static" state you're motionless. So, you must move, start a motion, turn, rotate, move the club. Being in motion is a "Dynamic" state. Dynamic movement and harmony is vital in golf. All this Dynamic motion must be controlled by positioning the Golf Swing Circle Center in a properly controlled and balanced posture. The Golf Swing Circle Center is located at the point where the cervical and thorax spinal columns meet. It is horizontally and vertically aligned whereby it would be just under the chin and almost at the point of a necktie knot. All the circular rotational motion should be controlled by maintaining a constant properly placed Golf Swing Circle Center for best consistency and balance.

THE REAL CHALLENGE IS: How do you move? At what angles do you move? How fast do you move? How far do you move? How do you control the club head while moving dynamically? How do you get the club head square at impact to hit straight shots? Make a Wise choice call or contact me Larry Wise.

Increasing Swing Performance: Plane of Swing, Wrist Angles, Release & Radius Control

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