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We are PROUD to unveil our new golfers website.  The new golf performance center is designed to help all golfers find sound information that will improve their game with 24/7 access: 

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Do You Know Where Your Swing Center Is?

What is a Release?

What's a Pivot Point?

Where are the Pivot Points?

5 Steps to Better Golf

•  Get a GRIP
•  Align your STANCE
•  Establish balanced POSTURE
•  Understand club circle SWING
•  Maintain & hold BALANCE

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Things You Should Also Know

What is a Swing Center?

What is a Constant Radius?

What controls Grip Position?
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Brief Story Why We're Doing This Site

What we're offering golfers of all ages, sizes and gender

Angles Are Critical....Find out why!

Are You Brainwashed?
"Keep your head down"
"Bend your knees"
"Keep left arm straight"
 (assuming right hand swing)
"You looked up"

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